• Posted by Susanne Johansson sadri
    I first saw her art in a market in Amsterdam two years ago and I was completely spellbound by her work!
    Now, two years later, I bought one of her prints of a painting that I think really looks like my daughter. I received a beautifully packed package with a few extra things and a letter.

    Hoping that I can afford to buy one of her paintings in the future!

    Thank you Lotte!
  • Posted by Maureen Lowe
    Omg. I have received my time limited offer print of SPIRIT. I could not open the well package parcel quick enough. When I pulled out the print she made me cry, she is so beautiful. Now to find a frame to complement her, and hang her on my wall so I can see her all the time.
    Lotte thank you so much, you are an inspiration. I love your work. You are so unique. 😚😚
  • Posted by Dara
    Lotte is one of my very favourite artists. Received my prints a couple weeks ago and I’m in love with them. Amazing art, amazing quality. I need her work all over my house!!
  • Posted by Richard
    I purchased your portfolio book 2015-2019 and this is stunning! It arrived very quickly and well packaged. I absolutely love the personal touches and this makes it more heart warming and exciting.

    The book is a fantastic way to see your beautiful art in print. The book quality is exceptional and the book is a perfect introduction to your art. After seeing this book I now want to collect your prints and original art works. I have already spent a long time looking through your book and feel the emotions you have captured. I wish I bought this book sooner! Thank you so much Lotte you're an inspiration
  • Posted by Maureen Lowe
    Today I received 2 more amazing time limited large prints and I couldn't be more happy to be able to add these to my ever expanding collection. They arrived well packaged in pristine condition, with the little personal touches that Lotte always does. I admire her work emensly and each piece holds a different meaning. Lotte Teussink is a very talented artist. I am very fortunate to be introduced to her work xxxxx
  • Posted by Ana Oliveira
    My order just arrived and it came extremely well pakaged The prints are beautifull and the attention to details is heart warming, I will defenetly buy more art from this amazing artist!
  • Posted by Naomi Turner
    Lotte’s artwork is like nothing I have ever seen before. The colours, the moods, the painting style completely mesmerise me. I was lucky enough to meet Lotte at her market stall in Amsterdam 2 years ago and have been in love with her work ever since. I have many prints now and even named Evangeline. The quality is perfect and the delivery speed is exceptional. Lotte always adds a personal touch to each delivery. I can’t wait to visit her studio.
  • Posted by Donna Peacock
    Lotte, thank you so much for your beautiful inspiring work, l now have a lovely collection. Thinking l would share with some friends, l want to keep them all. l may part with one?
    So carefully packaged with attention to detail only an artist perfects. Very quick delivery. l am enjoying watching the art work evolve in social media, this creates a level of involvement l am sure we all enjoy. Donna (Scotland)
  • Posted by Simon Fiddaman
    Ordering and receiving prints from Lotte is as easy to do as the pieces are beautiful. I ordered a limited print of Luna and she arrived quickly and with updates on the process from Lotte throughout. Luna now graces my wall along with other prints I purchased in person from Lotte. Absolutely beautiful pieces, I'm always looking at what's new.
  • Posted by Amaya
    Bueno yo estoy encantada con todo: el embalaje, las pegatinas y bueno el libro, maravilloso. Con él has conseguido que tenga en mis manos tus obras, todas. Yo soy una seguidora tuya incondicional, así que no puedo ser muy objetiva.
    Si se pudiesen mandar fotos te enseñaría dónde lo tengo puesto y cómo.
    Felicitaciónes 💐🌻🌷🥀🍀😍🤩
  • Posted by Tony Pelezo
    Hello to Lotte and all fans of her beautiful artwork! Some time ago I purchased a painting (Gwendolyn); Lotte was wonderful in terms of responding to emails and answering questions surrounding her motivations when she painted certain pieces of art I was interested in purchasing. The shipping was seamless and easy. I plan to order more pieces after my international move is complete next year. I can't say enough regarding my enjoyment of the artwork.
  • Posted by Maureen Lowe
    I was first introduced to Lotte's art by my daughter Naomi Who was already a big fan. The first print I ordered was for her as a birthday present, since then I have been hooked. I have several prints now and have just purchased and recived Lotte's 2 books.. I am so impressed with the fast and efficient service with all my purchases and I love the little personal touches included. The books are amazing I can't put them down... I am so proud of the books that I leave them out on my coffee table for my friends and family to freely look through. Thank you Lotte for sharing your work. You are a very talented artist and I will always be a massive fan. Xxx 😀
  • Posted by Agata
    Some time I have ordered 3 prints and one original painting, everything arrived on time and there were no problems with shipment or communication. They are now a very important part of my living room, all of them are intriguing, fascinating, unusual and full of character. Thank you
  • Posted by Matthias Berzel
    I ordered a limited edition print of Summertime Sadness a while ago and I'm still impressed by the artwork of Lotte Teussink. For the first time I noticed her art at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam and was directly enraptured by her way of painting. Every day I am happy about the wonderful picture in our home. I can absolutely recommend the work of Lotte Teussink. The communication when buying via her website was also excellent - just like the shipping.
  • Posted by Dominic
    I ordered a print fron Lotte about a year ago. She made things very simple and easy and was there to answer any questions I had. The shipping was relativey fast to get to Australia and also well priced.
    The print was even better than the images online and came in great condition. The print has kept its quality very well over time also.
  • Posted by Vicky Smithard
    Absolutely love my prints, really good quality and delivered very quickly. Will definitely buy more.
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